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Asked by larry on 2000-08-18
how tight should i press the strings down on the fret.
Answer posted by Tommy on 2000-09-22
Just hard enough to get a clean, clear tone. To hard slows you down (and hurts), to light sounds weird.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-08-10
coal to diamonds tight

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-09-22
How hard would you like them pressed ?

Answer posted by Dummy on 2001-11-19
Real hard. I use a vice grips. This works quite well.

Answer posted by Watshington on 2002-12-26
i agree with the answer from dummy. a vice grip works very well!

Answer posted by Unknown on 2003-01-28
ok, here is your serious answer... hold firmly. not too loose, not to hard... if you press to loosly, it has the effect of muting the string (creates that metalic *ping* sound) if you press TOO hard, it actually creates the same effect of doing a minor bend on the string...try it, on the low E string, hold down the string on ANY fret, hit it, and apply even more pressure on the string, you will notice that the pitch will rise a little bit. just hold it down firmly... like that person above said, so its clear and clean. enough pressure that the note sounds out clearly, and you can move quickly enough and efficiantly to the next note or chord.

Answer posted by amir soka on 2003-08-02
i think to press softly in the middle of the fret will make it clear not at the edges .

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