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Asked by Morga Thomson on 1999-11-03
First of all, thank you for having this sight. It seems to be very well thought out and useful. My question is on reading a chord chart. The strings are numbered 6-1. Is the 6 stings the uppermost string when you are holding the guitar or is it the 1 string?
Answer posted by Preston Thomason on 1999-11-07
Yes, 6 is the uppermost string.Here is a "G" chord 1 3 2 3 4 5 2 6 3 - This is your low e, or uppermost string. If you have any more questions e-mail me at portonp@hotmail.com. I'm not the most knoweldgeable person, but i can probably help you out

Answer posted by preston thomason on 1999-11-07
The "G" chord didn't turn out the way i had hoped. I wanted it to be a vertical illustration, rather than horizontal.

Answer posted by giovannie cremshenckski on 2001-10-25
the uppermost string isnt the 6 string or the 1 string. my guitar has 12 strings but i still have trouble finding 6 strings i hope my answer was usefill to you

Answer posted by LCPL Smith USMC on 2003-01-28
the thinnest string, the HIGH E, is the considered the first string...the THICKEST string, the low E, is considered the sixth string

Answer posted by Mohummad Ragtop el smelly cameldung on 2006-09-30
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