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Asked by ghinix on 1999-12-13
how do you play play a clean and fast guitar scales and tricks?
Answer posted by K. Hammett on 1999-12-27
Its called practice. Try it sometime...It helps.

Answer posted by Dan on 2000-01-07
well frist off like the first answer was its going to take some practice. but what i do to learn how fast scales is to first start off slow with a metronome and keep increasing the bpm (beats per min.) untill desired speed. you have to remember to start of slow

Answer posted by Scott on 2000-06-03
I second the first answer (tactfully, though..I do hope that's really not the real Kirk Hammett...I heard he was a really nice guy, hate to find out otherwise). But Dan, who answered the second question, is giving you the totally correct way to do it. It's not going to happen overnight...you've got to learn the scales, get used to the progression....another thing to try, to get you used to where your fingers are supposed to be, is move up the neck (i.e...start off in the key of say "A"...play the scale up and down..the move to Bb..up and down...the B...etc..etc.. This doesn't necessarily build your speed, but it does make the finger placement, and changing keys, a little more natural feeling.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
it will happen overnite...just close your eyes and smash you 're a superstar

Answer posted by george on 2000-08-07
i figured how to play fast by trying to play fast just keep practicing makinmg sure you hit the scale right though but sometimes you can make good music when do it i wrong a song that way..

Answer posted by Drew on 2002-04-28
for real buddy u have to just sit and practice i been playing for 15 years and i am still working on it but the man thing is u must feel it if u are thinking about it your not doing it it just has to come out so just keep trying and trying u will get it

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