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Asked by Jess on 2000-08-26
i have trouble playing the F chord, where your first finger have to be on the first two chords, at the same time. I cant play it right. What am i doing wrong?
Answer posted by Rick on 2000-09-02
I to had and still have trouble with that chord. basically u either have to practice or try using 2 fingers for the 2 strings.

Answer posted by Johnny on 2000-12-28
Try and turn your hand slightly outwards, so that you are almost pressing the string with the side of your finger. Do not however try to keep your finger strait, bend it as you would while playing a C. This will also help to increase the speed with which you change from a C to a F.

Answer posted by bodylan on 2002-01-07
try this...lower the thumb of yur fingering hand so that it presses against the middle of the back of the neck. it gives your first finger a better angle.

Answer posted by yourhelper on 2002-11-25
Turn your finger sideways sort of it might help!

Answer posted by diamond dave on 2003-03-17
mute the high e string and play the d,g,and b string respectably

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