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Asked by adam on 2000-09-05
what are some of the songs that can be played utilizing only A, D, and E chords.
Answer posted by Clint on 2000-09-17
any song with only three major chords,if thats the only three chords you know , ya need to learn more chords. if you can't sing in that certain key such as A you need to transpose it to another key such as D, or E, for example. you can transpose to any key. hope this answered your question. learn the number system.

Answer posted by Dave on 2001-04-28
Crappy songs like: Mull of Kintyre Candle in the wind

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-10-05
just about any song by the ramones,the troggs,loadsa stuff, tho you could do with learning about another 3 chords then you can play anything.

Answer posted by Matt on 2001-11-12
yeah i know one, happy birthday

Answer posted by Geraint Scales on 2002-03-30
The great song by greenday-Church on Sunday- bases itself around only A, D, and E. Apart from the bridge and pre-chorus, which are made up of power chords only anyway. Easy-great song.

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