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Asked by ray on 2000-09-10
Can someone, for the love of God, please explain what "capo 'x' fret" means... I've seen it on several song tabs and don't have a clue what it means...
Answer posted by matt on 2000-09-27
capo is a little clamp like thing you put on the guitar to raise the sound The X is whatever fret you are supposed to put it on

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-11-24
capo is a drink that comes out of metal like dispensing machine, invented by big ugly korean dude named chino - hence the name \"capochino\"

Answer posted by jimbo on 2001-01-05
hmmm some mothers do have them matt is spot on with the capo and that the x is the fret the capo is placed on

Answer posted by adasd on 2001-01-20
capo is a steel rod with is stuck in you rectum, and then twisted until you screen like a school girl.

Answer posted by Corrrection on 2001-08-15
Capo is a steel rod which Jimbo sticks up his rectum and he twists it until he screems like a school girl.

Answer posted by chuck on 2002-02-15
it means you put a capo across your fretboard

Answer posted by Slim on 2003-11-18
First of all of you guys r morons this is a guitar site so the answers r supposed to be about guitars! With that said I think it means You can play any fret with that chord. I think I may be wrong though.

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