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Asked by Hikurangi Tahau on 2000-09-12
im a left handed guitarist and i try my hardest to play properly but i just cant get the right note. do i have to turn the strings up the other way like because i play the guitar upside down.
Answer posted by Tommy on 2000-09-22
Look for left handed guitars, they exist. Ask a music store sales person.

Answer posted by M. Redman on 2000-11-13
If you play left handed but own a right handed guitar, all you have to do is restring it the oposite way. (Make sure the lightest string is always on the bottom when you play)

Answer posted by nrjiffy on 2000-12-20
The answer is to buy a left handed guitar. I have restrung right handed ones but there will be other issues. i.e the nut, accidentally knocking tone/volume switches,neck contours etc. If your serious left handeds are around for 100.00. I know because I am selling one in the U.K Regards nrjiffy

Answer posted by Lars Dreamer on 2001-02-10
Yeah, you really should either buy a Left Handed guitar, i.e. the American Fat Strat Jimi Hendrix, or just string that crazy motha upside down.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-04-28
what do you think you are ....JImi Hendrix??????

Answer posted by TIP TAHAU on 2006-10-13
the answer is in the way you play take a right handed guitar and learn to play it that way like yourself im left handed and ive gotten used to a right handed guitar i leave the strings right handed but ive shifted the volume knobs down but hey patience and practise is what it is all about........good luck cuz !!!!!!

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