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Asked by Hil on 2000-09-13
KAY. My electric guitar has these stupid little hollow screws that keep coming out. They are down by the stings at the body of the guitar close to the springs. HOW THE HELL DO I STOP THEM FROM COMING OUT?? they get loose and then they make a nasty buzzing noice and it's driving me crazy.
Answer posted by the muffin man on 2000-12-29
take it to a guitar repair shop

Answer posted by Bill Cliton on 2001-03-09
The way I have it figured son, the only screws loose are those you have upstairs.

Answer posted by Mutton Head on 2001-04-10
Use crazy glue, that holds them in pretty good but if you really dont want them falling out you should use epoxy putty or you can weld them. welding them might cause a little bit of a blemish on your axe, but you can easily remove this with a belt sander and a 60 grit belt, that should fix er up.

Answer posted by dave on 2002-01-23
go to the hardware store and get loc-tite. put it on the threads and it will hold them in place

Answer posted by wil on 2002-05-31
get a new guitar:)

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