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Asked by Ryan on 2000-09-14
I have a cheap amp a Peavy Rage 128. But I want to get A better Amp or possibly an effects pedal i just wanted to know what is overdrive, Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Phaser and all that stuff, the only kind of tones i know are distortion and clean if anyone could tell me what these other tones are would be much help.
Answer posted by bob on 2000-09-23
Reverb is pretty sweet. It gives you a nice echo, It sounds like your in an empty room. Personally I use it all the time. Delay gives you the sound of yelling into a cave and hearing your echo bounce back a couple of times. As far as overdrive, its pretty much like distortion. I have a BOSS Metal Zone(very sweet). It gives me a very deep, clean distortion. It has a Pantera-ish sound. I know for a fact that Marty Friedman, formally of Megadeth, uses it on his set-up. But reverb is my favorite. It makes your clean tone sound very sweet. IMO you can never have to much reverb.

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