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Asked by tyler webb on 1999-12-26
i am a proficient player not a speller so dont laugh at me...............i was wondering if there was somthing that i could put on the fret board to make my fingers faster
Answer posted by K. Hammett on 1999-12-27
There's not much you can do to make your fingers move faster except for lots of pratice. If you want your fingers to slide better, there is a spray called Finger Ease that can be put on your fretboard that is sort of oily. It might help though.

Answer posted by Chase Pursley on 2000-07-21
You could buy a Parker Nitefly. It has the best neck i have eever played

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
you are a bad speller and suck at guitar pal

Answer posted by Fuzz Nuts on 2000-08-04
Scientific evidence shows that stronger muscles have quicker response times. If you want to improve your speed, you might try to improve your grip (buy handgrips).

Answer posted by Fuzz Nuts on 2000-08-04
Want speed? Buy handgrips. Stronger muscles have quicker reflexes.

Answer posted by JonasMate on 2000-10-01
The answer is yeah... 1. get your axe setup by a pro... 2. use ernie ball 'super slinkys' ( 9-42's ) they stay crystal clean, providing u use some: 3. 'GHS FAST FRET' - cleans fret board and strings and isnt too oily... 4. use the lightbulb trick (above) 5. Practice, Practice, and more practice - play 'til tour finger ache...

Answer posted by Adam on 2000-11-24
i think the only way that makes your fingers faster is practicing alot ,and it takes alot of effort and time.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-11-25
masterbate more. strengthens the fingers and wrist

Answer posted by Slick on 2000-12-14
Use gear lube, slop er up real good, dont smell to good but the ol fingers move like lightning

Answer posted by Serkan KÜÇÜK on 2001-01-29
practice is important,i recommend a guitar method by troy stetina or u can get a video of malmsteen or any guitar master to practice their solo and licks.good luck...

Answer posted by doktorwhu on 2001-02-04
to pratice is the best thing.you have to bring your brain and your fingers in harmony thats a kind of meditation.but better try to bring feeling in your guitar play it sounds much better than a fast machine.

Answer posted by DownhomeCntryBoy on 2001-07-22
1) Finger Ease or Fast Fret 2) Scales and practice 3)Havine your Axe set by a pro. 4) more Practice. 5) use a grip machine practice practice practice

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-08-16
i recommend useing the oil to beat off with

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-11-20
i recommend using the gear lube to beat off with

Answer posted by stillshit on 2001-11-29
Give up i did now i work on the street with a large cobra and a little wooden pipe

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-03-03
An easy and cheep way to build your hand muscels is a tennis ball.

Answer posted by BUDDYBGOODE on 2002-07-13

Answer posted by ryan on 2002-12-24
take your fingers and sort of climb your way up and down your axe on all the chords hitting random notes on purpose (who knows might turn into a cool riff).

Answer posted by Unknown on 2003-02-24
I recommend that you melt down soft skin from your fingertips by putting your fingers in hot water after you practice. Now don’t burning your self, the water should be hot enough to be able to stand it until it cools down but not boiling!!

Answer posted by rob on 2004-02-17
a bad workman always blames his tools!!!!!!!!! the only way to become faster is to become better at playing hense practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer posted by feeble on 2004-02-27
u r all right about setup and practice but my secret is a light coating of crazy glue on the tips - but be fukken careful during application

Answer posted by Devex The Guitar Shredder on 2004-06-11
Well, I suggest that you pratice, pratice pull offs, hammer downs, everything. Heres a little something to pratice on to help you. Go e---------6-5-6-5-------------- b---------6-5-6-5-------------- g---------6-5-6-5-------------- d---------6-5-6-5-------------- a---------6-5-6-5-------------- e---------6-5-6-5-------------- As fast as you can go. Pratice it to prefection. Once you have it down perfectly, try all of the techniques above and what you know. Have fun with it.

Answer posted by Devex The Guitar Shredder on 2004-06-11
Sorry, it messed up on the notes ill try again. e---------------6-5-6-5 b---------------6-5-6-5 g---------------6-5-6-5 d---------------6-5-6-5 a---------------6-5-6-5 e---------------6-5-6-5

Answer posted by Devex The Guitar Shredder on 2004-06-11
e-----6-5-6-5 b-----6-5-6-5 d-----6-5-6-5 g-----6-5-6-5 d-----6-5-6-5 a-----6-5-6-5 e-----6-5-6-5 And if it doesnt work... it goes 6565 all across the fret board. Light to deep.

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