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Asked by marietta on 2000-09-23
when i try to play the chords, my fingers won't stretch far enough, or else the chord just sounds really weird. Could anyone give me any good methods of training my fingers to stretch that far, please?
Answer posted by Daniel on 2000-10-20
There is a product on the market which are weights to put on your fingers and they are used for strengthenin your muscles in your fingers and i used them and they work perfectly. theyre from the Finger Weight Corp and can be found on the website www.fingerweight.com

Answer posted by nonfractal on 2000-11-24
Marietta..Forget the toys... and \"training tools\". You don\'t need them. The size of your hands does not matter anything as much as you might think. Cut your practice time into 2 halves. 1) Chords I can do. and 2) Chords I have problems with. That way you slowly get into doing the harder chords and still have fun with the ones you find easy. Eventually, you\'ll find most of them easy. Practice brings flexibility. Just persevere girl!

Answer posted by Richard on 2006-04-27
you could tune your guitar a whole step down and use a capo on the second fret to give standard tuning thus making it easier to reach as you wont have to stretch as far.

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