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Asked by marisa on 2000-09-29
i just want to attach my strap and there's only one knob to hook to, so um any suggestions? it's an acoustic epiphone.
Answer posted by Chris on 2000-10-15
You'll need a string to tie to your strap. Tie it just below the tuning knobs and above the bridge.

Answer posted by andrew on 2001-02-05
your strap should be long enough to do this. put the one end on the knob and the other end on the first peg on the lower left side of the head.

Answer posted by Burt on 2001-03-16
Tie it in a loop and place it over the knob twice, you might have to flip it over a couple of times but it will go. this works grate and it is self adjusting

Answer posted by gnadman on 2001-07-28
ok disreguard the epiphone acoustics are crap I have 4 acoustics an ibanez an epiphone a metropolitin and a alvarez and I have found that epiphone altough not as good holds its own next to just about anything

Answer posted by Gonad on 2001-10-23
epiphone is junk.

Answer posted by bill on 2002-02-11
get a new guitar, j/k

Answer posted by Dr. Cornhole on 2003-11-13
Thats nice bill, isnt it about time for your medication ?

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