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Asked by steve on 1999-12-31
I have afew Metallica tabs but i dont understand how to play them. [ T := Tap using edge of pick; p := pull off finger or pick T T T T E-19p15p12--19p15p12-19p15p12-19p15p12 What is tapping? I understand how to pull-off put i dont know what it means to use the edge of the pick.If someone could please Email me and explain. Thanks.
Answer posted by Dan on 2000-01-10
you use two handed tapping but just tap with the pick instead of your index finger, if you don't know how to tap have fun learning

Answer posted by Petrolius on 2000-11-10
You tap by pushing the edge of your pick against the string and then release, without strumming. Good Luck!

Answer posted by homesickalien on 2001-05-20
you sould tap the E string in fret 19 and pull of on 15 and you beytter do it fast to make it sound good

Answer posted by Crazy Buss on 2002-11-25
try using a Heavy Gauged pick,I prefer tapping with the edge of the pick opposed to the back of the pick like most artists do then find a harmonic note on high E lets say at the 20th fret then start your tapping,now Pull Off 19 15 and 12

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