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Asked by John on 2000-09-30
i want to know how do you know what note is the person playing when you hear a song.
Answer posted by Nick on 2000-10-16
I think the only way you can be sure of that is by having perfect pitch. And that's hard.

Answer posted by TDS on 2000-11-26
Of course, practice, but it\'s also very important to tune to the song.Try to listen for a obvious open note(A,E,D) or use a tuner at 440 and sometimes 430.Once your there start searching thru your 12 notes, then find the correct octave.Easier said than done,but after awhile it does come to you.Beware of new music, they have alot of low tunings and 7 strings.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-01-04
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Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-03-13
cheese is good, but nothing beats a good tablature site...

Answer posted by CutThe on 2001-09-27
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Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-07-29
guitar magazine has an article advertising a method of obtaining perfect pitch. could be a gimmick or it may be helpful.

Answer posted by richie_glead on 2002-09-15
You could start by being able to recognize the distance between two notes, I mean the perfect fifth , octave etc.,

Answer posted by freeLoader on 2003-02-04
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Answer posted by Unknown on 2003-08-04
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Answer posted by fuck you on 2003-09-07
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Answer posted by fuck me! on 2003-09-07
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Answer posted by biotch on 2003-09-07

Answer posted by steve on 2004-03-24
Learn what certain chords sound like by playing them over/over. ex. - when you hear highway to hell or back in black you hear that those are g, d, a, chords, etc... then when you hear round and round you hear that those chords are b,d,e, etc... so that when you hear those chords in other songs you can identify them. learn lots of songs thru magazines at first until you start getting familiar at hearing certain chords in songs you hear elsewhere.

Answer posted by jim on 2004-07-05
Now I like a good potty joke, but the potty thread here is not funny. In fact it;s save to say the partisipants are retatrded. Get a good tuner

Answer posted by on 2006-10-15

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