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Asked by chris on 2000-10-14
what are power cords?
Answer posted by T on 2000-10-21
They are barre chords used in guitar oriented rock[metal] that you just wail on. example For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica. No subtleness, just rip it up and let it go. More in the way you attack the chord then actual chord used. Rock on!

Answer posted by Virgil on 2000-12-14
Chords that you plug into the socket man.

Answer posted by Heck If I Know on 2001-10-30
A power chord is a chord used by many of the "Hard Rockers" *Chuckle* There are major and minor forms of this chord. The way you swtich rom one to the other is simply shift your fingers from the top one to the bottom and the lower one to the top. This is not true for all power chords I am afraid. The most well know power chord is like this: E--2-- A--4-- A minor form of this would be the opposite. E--4-- A--2--

Answer posted by Paul Gilbert on 2001-11-23
It means that the chord got some kind of "power" :P

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