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Asked by chris on 2000-01-04
where is an easy place to go to learn the very very basics to learn how to play. I just got a guitar, and this is a little too much...
Answer posted by Troy on 2000-01-05
The lessons that are provided here by Tyler are VERY good for someone that has just started playing and is currently taking lessons or trying to teach themselves to play. I think a key is to be patient!!!! You will not become a guitar whiz overnight it takes a lot of PRACTICE and PATIENCE!!!!! You may want to also try this web site: http://www.guitarweb.com/ Good Luck!!!!!!

Answer posted by Emily on 2000-12-29
I was just given a guitar for christmas. along with my guitar I was given a book it is printed by the K.I.S.S book series and it is about playing the guitar. It is a really good tool for learning how to play the guitar for somebody who has never picked up a guitar before. It has everything in there from history of the guitar to choosing a pic the type of replacement strings to get, how to tune your guitar, the chords and for when you get more advanced it talks about going into a recording studio. it has proven to be one of the most helpful tools in my learning to play the guitar.

Answer posted by ryan johnson on 2001-01-19
the best website to go to for learning the chords is www.tabseek.com

Answer posted by some girl on 2001-08-24
If you think this lesson is too difficult, get a teacher. I just started playing yesterday and I think this lesson is extremely easy.

Answer posted by piggy wiggy on 2001-12-22
but only with little piggy wiggys

Answer posted by chris on 2002-04-17
Read guitar world. thats all it takes to learn how to play

Answer posted by rokkinme on 2003-08-15
Another great site is http://www.accessrock.com. It never hurts to have several resources to learn from, so look around and choose those that work best for you.

Answer posted by screech on 2003-10-31
chris I to have just started playing and a great site besides this one thet I found very helpfull was guitarabout.com with dan cross he teaches the VERY basics and there are songs to play there also. hope this helps .and dont give up

Answer posted by cantplaytheguitar on 2005-04-07
i can not find any other website that can show me where to put my fingers

Answer posted by indianprincess on 2006-08-14
i just got a guitar a while ago, and i found this to be kind of confusing too. but if u look up chords on guitartricks.com - they tell you how to position your fingers on individual frets. they explain it pretty well, so u can try that too. oh, and it helps if u have a friend who plays the guitar to just guide you through the basics. good luck!

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