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Asked by Ed on 2000-10-26
I have a Floyd Rose and always have trouble tuning it. When I lock the nut, it goes out of tune right away and the fine tuners sometimes get too close to the end of their range. Can anyone help me with the proper way to tune with this thing? It is very frustrating! Also, I have an electric tuner and the needle doesn't stay steady to see exactly where I'm tuned too. Any suggestions for this? Is it just a bad tuner? Thanks, Ed
Answer posted by nonfractal on 2000-11-24
Ed, Unwind the fine tuners \'till they are about 4/5th out . undo the locking bolts below the head, Tune up the strings,relock the head then progress to slowly re-tuning by loosening the fine tuners (the headlocking tightens them slightly) . PS the top E always runs out of turns on the fine tuner after a time, especially with 9 or less on the top E, so always re-tune the thing before stage. Getting the hex wrench out live is bad news!

Answer posted by Rodney Mason on 2003-10-04
Hodo you tune a 12 string guitar

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