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Asked by Cedric-James on 2000-10-28
hey can someone gimme like a list of some good songs to play that aren't to hard for the acoustic-electric guitar? preferably some babe-magnet sweet songs!
Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-10-30
You won`t get babes with that... Oops! Sry that is exactly what you`l get BABES!!! :( Not very nice option,huh?

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-11-21
THe easy song is greenday\'s \'waiting\' from the album Warning...try tt one

Answer posted by chris on 2001-01-07
no leaf clover by metallica apparently works well. but learn a parody like cats in the kettle by wierd al cause its funny.

Answer posted by Big Dick Luke on 2001-02-24
16 tons is a real killer

Answer posted by Al on 2002-11-25
easiest song is by jars of clay(dont remember which one) but if u r learning best song is wish u were her by pink floydd it has everything u need 2 know in it

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-12-20
Tom Petty, You dont know how it feels Blowing in the wind, bob dylan Clapton, Promisses

Answer posted by kayla on 2004-08-07
here i am to worship

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