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Asked by John on 2000-11-23
I\'ve been playing a lot of blink 182 music lately, and I can\'t palm mute nearly as clean as them. Any suggestions?
Answer posted by claassen on 2000-11-25
it is because you suck, and they are proffesionals

Answer posted by Ben on 2002-02-23
I cant really tell you how to palm mute as good as them, but to palm mute, you rest your wrist of your right hand close to the bridge of the guitar while you are still picking, and fretting strings, if you have any questions, email me at punk_rocker128@hotmail.com

Answer posted by if you read this youre an asshole on 2002-04-12
blink sucks! punk sucks! you suck!

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-08-03
you might be palm muting too hard. make sure your palm is closest to the bridge as possible, this will make the notes come out much cleaner and there will be less of a muffle to the sound.

Answer posted by james cassidy on 2002-11-25
lightlyrest your hand on the strings topalm mute.best to put your hand near the bridge of the guitar.if you press down too hard with the palm of your hand it will not sound the note so well-so depending on the sound u want determines how hard to press down.easy!

Answer posted by Punk Rawkz Blink 182 Rawkz on 2004-05-28
You suck, you just cant play guitar... Blink 182 kick arse and are in my country (Australia) and they had to do more concerts coz they sold out in record time!!! Like to see you do that... oh yeah thats right... you cant so shut up coz u suck unlike blink 182!!!

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