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Asked by Dan on 2000-01-17
can some one tell me how to get up to 1300 notes per miniute? I'm almost there but I just keep falling short by a couple hundred notes
Answer posted by Shaggy on 2000-01-17
Der...what you need to do dude is like speed up...DUH!

Answer posted by Bushy on 2000-06-21
Keep practising dude, and someday u will get really good, there are no ways to speed up instantly, keep practising!!!

Answer posted by Aaron Baker on 2000-10-08
if your using a pick....just keep alternating upward and downward strokes....practice makes perfect

Answer posted by Adam Ayesh on 2000-11-24
you have to practice pal,this is the in only way that improve your speed

Answer posted by Whatever on 2000-12-10
1900 per minute is 24 a second. This can only be done with tricks. Steve Vai, Malmsteen etc... can play normal at 12 notes per second. Me, and a lot of other pub guy have this ability, it comes with practice, and a proper picking hand. If you want to do 24 notes a second, try seizure while fret tapping...

Answer posted by Aaron on 2001-06-24
Try selling your soul to Satan or a Jimi Hendrix in exchange for mad... mad skill.

Answer posted by jack ass on 2001-07-07
i like to eat beans, it makes me faster at struming,oooooooo!i farted, so, anyway eat your vegies kids!

Answer posted by speedo on 2001-09-06
I now am up to 3650 beats per minute for extended periods of time, my only problem is the heat generated by the fretboard, but I am devising a methode to disperse this problem. I anticipate being able to heat the garage where I practice.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-12-26
let your friends come over and play your guitar together

Answer posted by JohnbagDarrell on 2002-04-18
The only way to get that fast is to practice. Try downpicking runs. For about a week just practice down oicking runs licks and scales and youl be amazed at how much you improve.

Answer posted by huh?? on 2002-05-03
do you really need to play that fast?

Answer posted by the doctor on 2002-05-25
use your imagination...a pointless answer for a pointless task

Answer posted by the doctor on 2002-05-25
i can play one note for extended periods of time and it sounds good cause its the sound i want. Are you unhappy?

Answer posted by kj on 2002-12-27
what are yous , stupid? nobody can or needs to play that fast. be-bop is around 250 bpm...listen to the bird man!

Answer posted by the wise1 on 2003-04-15
A need for speed is a need indeed. a bullet can kill but a pill can heal.when all else fail just say what the hell.life goes on????

Answer posted by olilver on 2004-02-12
what a fuc... are you talking about ,malmsteen 12 notes per sec,he playes 20 notes per sec without tricks.i can do 18 myself.

Answer posted by scott on 2004-02-18
how do u test how many notes per second you play?

Answer posted by Albert on 2005-06-25
Get a drill - mount some picks to the bit and hit go!!! (ala Paul Gilbert) Or breakfast on shreddies...

Answer posted by farty on 2006-02-28
yeah I can fart that fast, turrrrrrrrrrrrf!!

Answer posted by chris on 2006-09-02
if u wanna play powerchords or thikcer strings fast, then its easy if u turn pick like 90 degrees one way so its perpindicular with the strings, then strum, oh adn its easy if ur thumb is towards the right side, when u hold the pick differently

Answer posted by Sean on 2006-10-19
Could someone please gimme a correct answer to what the fastest in the world is?

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