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Asked by Grant Reed on 2000-12-06
Some of them look like this. How would i read this? and also what do all those numbers mean. N.C. E5 N.C. E5 1/4 e:----------------------------|-------------------------------------| B:-15-15-15-12-----12---------|------12-12----15b(17)-15b(17)-(15)/-| G:-------------14b----14b(16)-|-(14)-------14-----------------------| D:----------------------------|-------------------------------------| A:----------------------------|-------------------------------------| E:----------------------------|-------------------------------------|
Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-12-14
Add all the numbers up, divide by 16, subtract 187, find the square root of that and you have your IQ. That should be encouraging.

Answer posted by Brandon on 2001-02-19
This is guitar tablature, for all the fags that post mean remarks, here is a real answer.each row of lines means a diffrent string starting at Low eand ending at High E. the number is the fret to hit. Play each note in order that it appears left to right, and if there are two in the same vertical area right below and above each other, then you hit both. That my friend is what those numbers mean.

Answer posted by Maths Guy on 2002-05-23
You cant have a quare root of a negative number! TGrant Reed: That is Guitar Tablature like Brandon said, I suggest you look up the tutorial for guitar tabs and how to read them.

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