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Asked by bree on 2000-12-09
Im learning to play the the song Angel Standing By by Jewel and it says to play it harmonic, how do i do that? and what strings do i strum?
Answer posted by Daylight on 2001-02-03
ok, two ways. firstly you can do artificial harmonics which is rest your fingers of left hand very lightly accross the desired note and sound it (only works well on some notes) and it will ring. Or you play the note normally with the left hand but when you pick it, you have to touch the string almost immediately after with one of your fingers on the right hand (same as with artificial). To do this takes practice but I sugest when holding the pick rest your pinky on the guitar for support and use when you go over the note with the pick have your middle finger very close to the bottom of the pick, using this finger to touch the string.

Answer posted by rik on 2001-04-29
harmonics can be found at fret 5,7,12,17,etc for a example of this very lightly put afinger across 12 as this works best over the fret and strum, or just give up and go fishing

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