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Asked by Dave on 2000-12-11
when do you know when you have to adjust the truce rod? and how far off the fret board should the strings be elevated?
Answer posted by xxx on 2001-03-14
you should just barley have the sring off the 1st fret so they are almost touching. you can tell if they r touching if they make a ringing sound (sounds bad) but if u get it just right you can play a lot faster.

Answer posted by Zombie on 2001-03-16
Adjust the truce rod alot, this gives the neck more flexability. Once you got the flexability it will be easier to tune, so tweak away. Keep the strings high, some times a quarter inch or more, now you will be able to hammer on big time. Good luck and happy tweaking.

Answer posted by Ghani on 2001-09-28
Some like to have a spruce rod stuck where the sun dont shine.

Answer posted by no name on 2002-10-20
dave adjust it so u can put an arrow on and shot it 50 yards that should do it

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