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Asked by Jonatan on 2000-12-17
I am having trouble with my solos... The problem is that they sound boring.. because im playing just "mixed scales"... I know a lot of scales, but then I dont know how to use them... Im always trying to make them sound cool,but my rythm is awful... First I go up, then down... and every time the sound the same... Thanks....
Answer posted by Sphinktor Mon on 2001-09-06
OK Johnny, your solos are boring, this is because more than likely you are boring. What you need to do is spice up the ol life style if ya know what I mean (wink, wink). Now what you need to do to get those solos a hummin is to go out and get some inspiration. I suggest you go to Chicago for starters and get yourself a ho. Maybe 2 of em, one white and one black, then you could do the salt and pepper thing and that should get your creative juices flowing to come up with some good solos. Or maybe you get yoself 2 black hoes if you is white and you could do the oreo samwich thing. Again more inspiration for another solo. One full night with a couple of Chicago hoes should give you enough material to play all kinds of heavy duty solos ! Nope, they will not say anymore that Johnnys solos are boring. Ask again for more good advice and ye shall recieve. :) :( :) :( :)

Answer posted by garret on 2002-07-23
hey i am having sort of the same problem as you the guy before me although dumb has a point i have just been inspired by my fave guitar players. warren haynes all the allman brothers clapton hendrix. learn some of there solos take peices form them and go on. or if your looking to be totally orginal listen to the rythem in your head and make up some riffs i your head then put them on guitar email me

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