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Asked by Miguel Gonzalez on 2000-01-18
I understand the concept of major 3rd and minor 3rd (Because of the scale scales, minor is the 3rd note of the scale diminished and major is jus the 3rd not right?). Hopefully I'm right :) But what do you mean when you say "perfect" 4th.?
Answer posted by Dylan on 2000-09-18
I can't give you an immediate answer 'cause I came across your question procrastinating but if you or anyone would like to email me at the posted address or OgdenIs@usa.net, I'll write out an explanation of intervals that might be easier to understand. -Dylan

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-01-25
Intervals are either Perfect or Non-Perfect(Major, Minor, Diminished, or Augmented.). Perfect Intervals are: 1, 4, 5, Non Perfect Intervals are: 2, 3, 6, 7 So, when speaking about a fourth above the "tonic" (reference note), we identify it as Perfect since it seems to have a somewhat "pleasing" tone when played with the tonic.

Answer posted by the wise 1 on 2002-10-27
I know but i"m not telling.but if u right u right

Answer posted by Trout on 2004-11-21
I think perfect intervals has to do with the physics of music. If you take a string a divide it in half you get an octave higher. The 12th fret is the exact mid point between the bridge and the nut which is why you have an octave at the 12 fret. The other perfect intervals are also ratios that have a deifinate end to them such as 1/4. Non perfect intervals such as thirds and sixths are created by intervals that have a never ending decimal point such as 17/31. Interesting fact- your harmonics are located above these perfect intervals 5th fret(Perfect 4th) 7th fret(Perfect 5th) and 12th fret (Perfect Octave).

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