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Asked by sean on 2000-12-24
I notice people talking about scales that go with different chords. How do you determine what scale goes well over what chord.
Answer posted by trypp on 2001-01-01
this may help try to make it not so complicated. triads=simplechords cmajor chord=C,E,G ROOT=C 3RD=E 5TH=G Cmajor scale=CDEFGABC,1=C 3=E 5=G 12345678 SO THATS 1 NOW2 DMINOR CHORD=DFA D=2 F=4 A=6 AND SO ON FOR EVERY NOTE TAKE 1 3 AND 5 ,THOSE ARE SOME DESCENT SOUNDING CHORDS FOR SCALE.It took me years to figure out what the hell these teachers were trying to say then 1 day i looked at it differently than i had before and it hit me. Practice,Practice and Study,Study Hope this helps!

Answer posted by Warren on 2001-03-14
There are 7 notes to each scale e.g CDEFGABC Your Major chords for a major scale are always the 1st,4th and 5th Such as for C major (above)where the Major chords would be C F G And the minor chords are always (in a major scale) the 2nd and 6th chords C major scale= Dmin and Amin Finally the last important chord is the 7th which would be a Bdim. dim=diminished because the 7th is always Diminished. The Bdim is mainly used as the lead chord as it leads back into the C chord (don`t worry to much about using this chord, just consentrate on your major and minor chords) Try this out with different major scales.

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