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Asked by Dan on 2000-01-23
So am I correct in the following deductions: 1. E and B do not have sharp notes on any fret? 2. None of the notes have a flat note on any fret?
Answer posted by Dana on 2000-01-24
Hey Dan, To understand this, you just need to know some basic theory. Each fret represents a half step. E to F is a half step, as is B to C. So you're right in that they don't have sharps, but the interval between E/F and B/C is the same as the interval between another note and its sharp. For your second question, yes the notes have flats. The term 'enharmonics' refers to the fact that C# is the same exact note as Db, D# is the same as Eb, etc. I was taught that when going up the neck, refer to them as sharps, and when going down, refer to them as flats. Hope this helps a little.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
hey dan are you that thick?

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-12-14
I once had a flat on my bicycle

Answer posted by larry on 2001-03-09
the only thing that is flat is your head

Answer posted by badbob on 2001-04-09
you have to be sharper than that dan boy

Answer posted by fish on 2001-04-22
dan u need shot!!

Answer posted by La Bamba on 2001-04-25
Yeah Dan, none of the notes have a flat note on any fret.......if that is the case Dan, where do you think the flat notes they talk about are ? Maybe they are just suspended in thin air and floating around inside that empty void on your shoulders...Huh Dan ?...What ya think ?

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-10-09
Obviously everybody taking the piss out of Dan was born with a guitar in their hands and knew music theory inside out before they could talk. They never had to ask. Pricks.

Answer posted by eddie haskel on 2001-11-20
Thank you for the compliment you unknown dip wad, now if you have nothing better to do whay dont you give me a blow job.

Answer posted by mike on 2002-03-27
there are flats but there are none in between B and C and E and F.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-09-30
Why are you "know everything" guys reading an instructional page on a website.....If you are all so good....?

Answer posted by becca on 2004-09-29
i once had a flat bicycle tire too!

Answer posted by this1nigga on 2006-01-13
At least all of you are bad a spelling words in the english dictionary. I also like the fact that some people respond to people who responded to the original question in a rude/insensitive manner just to call said person a "dip wad".

Answer posted by on 2006-10-15

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