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Asked by ?? on 2001-01-25
How exactly do you put your left hand fingers on the guitar? Because my fingers always end up touching nearby strings and mute them while strumming.
Answer posted by GuitarGuru on 2001-04-02
practice makes perfect. learn to pull unnecessary fingers out of the way as to not hit any other strings. try placeing your fingers almost directly down upon the srings

Answer posted by Liquid on 2001-08-06
hi, this is just incase its a different problem. you have to hold down the strings with the tips of your fingers, with them vertically on the fretboard. A friend of mine was having this problem, then i saw her trying to play and she was using the fingerprint part of her fingers horizontally on the fretboard (she had long nails), i told her to cut them.

Answer posted by some dude on 2002-03-26
these little palm mutes could come in handy though like when you try to play power chords without the root note and muting that string.

Answer posted by Joe_Smiley on 2002-11-21
It may be discouraging but you must keep practicing on hitting them just right. It may take some time to get a real good feel of the guitar.

Answer posted by hello on 2002-11-21

Answer posted by LCPL Smith USMC on 2003-01-28
yeah, pretty much dude...NO, not the "u suck" thing...No No No!!! You just have to keep practicing man. You dont get overnight...Guitar is one of those hobbies that takes years to get good at! Just try practicing songs you know SLOWLY! Make sure EACH note is fretted correctly and accuratly!!! Yes, this is boring and repetative, but it if you want to get good...just do it. Basically, practice practice practice bro. Good luck man

Answer posted by curtis on 2003-06-13
try using the very tip of your fingers

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