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Asked by Luc on 2000-02-01
what is a 7th triad? is there a such thing? and if so what are the intervals?
Answer posted by Dave Palowkar on 2000-07-26
7th Triads come from the 7th note in the scale. So for example in the scale of C when the chord being played is A7, the 7th note would be G. Playing the chord triad with a 7th would then be A C E G if you tinker around these four notes when A7 is being played, you will get nickers thrown at you! Basically the 7th note co-insides with what 7th chord is being played and adds a nicer feel to the lead. You dont have to play the 7th, but as I said it sounds nicer. Does that help?

Answer posted by Aaron Hunt on 2000-08-26
8ths (or Octaves) can also sound usefull When come combined with triads,Adding 7ths with a triad sounds better with Inversions.

Answer posted by ike on 2000-11-22
A triad is a three note chord. If you\'re adding the 7th or any other interval it becomes a 4 note chord (voicing), it\'s no longer a triad.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-12-06
somebody send me a picture with dots showing hwo this works, I want nickers thrown at me

Answer posted by SR on 2003-01-14
to make a 7th triad, just substitute the 5th for the 7th

Answer posted by Unknown on 2005-06-20
Read this:Count in thirds (root,3rd,5th,7th) ex.C-E-G-B)THAY ARE ALL A THIRD APPART.C+

Answer posted by Unknown on 2005-11-06

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