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Asked by Roberto Corchado on 2000-02-06
How do I do drop D tunning on my giutar
Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
drop the guitar and yell dee till you fall over and wala

Answer posted by Tommy on 2000-09-22
This is prety easy if you have a guitar tuner. FOR EACH STRING: place your finger on the first fret then tune your string while keeping your finger on the first fret. Do this for all your strings, it's that simple. If your guitar was tuned normaly, you'll notice that you'll have to bring the tension of your string "down". That's because your tuner will detect the note as being one fret (1/2 step) to high. You'll end up tuning your guitar 1/2 step (one fret) lower than normal. Get it? A half step down. You can tune down a full step, 1 and 1/2 step down...as low as you like (death metal fans will get a kick out of 1 and 1/2 steps down). Just bring your finger down the fret board one fret for each half step when tuning. To tune in "drop D": tune the biggest string (low E) down a full step and keep the other strings normal.

Answer posted by jsjs on 2001-08-09

Answer posted by Andrew on 2003-02-03
Tune the lowest string to a D. This moves every fret down two steps instantly making powerchords when the 5th and 6th strings are both pressed on the same fret. Tool uses this on every song.

Answer posted by Frank on 2005-05-13
the answer is what that guy tommy posted cuase yea it worked fro me and as for my good freind andrew u speak lies tool uses drop D in most but not every take the hidden song off of salival thats normal tunning

Answer posted by bumhead on 2006-02-10

Answer posted by WOOOOOOOO on 2006-09-06
e------------------- b------------------- g------------------- d------------------- a------------------- d-------------------

Answer posted by asdf on 2006-10-07

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