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Asked by kate on 2000-02-07
when I change chords the guitar makes the sound of my fingers leaving those strings and you can clearly hear it as if i am srtumming something else in between. is this the norm or am i doing something to make this more noticable?
Answer posted by Mike on 2000-05-29
That is normal, if you want to stop that ringing put the edge of your hand right before the bridge at the bottom of the guitar and it will mute it out.

Answer posted by Dark_Angel5 on 2000-08-04
This is normal and a lot of folks listening to you find it cool. Or at least the folks that are listening to me do :)

Answer posted by St. Stephen on 2000-09-29
Don't worry about it. When you get better at changing chords, the string noise will be reduced.

Answer posted by Firestarter on 2000-10-01
try lowering the action of your guitar it could be that as you come off the chord the strings are popping up really high causing them to sound like a whole series of pull-offs

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-01-12
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Answer posted by lui on 2002-11-02
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Answer posted by Antony Cull on 2002-11-05
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Answer posted by Unknown on 2006-05-12

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