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Asked by Unknown on 2001-03-02
how do you keep the pick from falling into the stupid hole, or how do you get it out???? help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answer posted by Andy on 2001-04-10
ummmmmmm, maybee you should try holding the pick, and not let it fall out of your hand? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm "HINT" "HINT"!!!!! And to get it out, you umm! probally shake the dman guitar around till it comes up to the whole and the you can grab it out, or you can watch it fall out

Answer posted by silly no.2 on 2001-06-24
when ur pick does fall in that wondrous hole, make sure u can see ur pick. roll a little piece of tape so that its sticky all around and stick this to something like a pen and poke it around till u get ur poor pick out.

Answer posted by Liquid on 2001-08-06
how to not loose pick = hold more firmly how to get pick out of guitar = turn the guitar so the soundhole points down, shake guitar, repeat....

Answer posted by Aaron on 2001-08-10
Crazy glue the pick to your fingers. You can always tape a thin sheet of paper over the hole when rehearsing. But It will sound bad. Try holding on to it more firmly.

Answer posted by unknown too on 2001-09-02
fill that hole up with concrete, and while your filling it up pack a little in your crack to.

Answer posted by Luke on 2002-04-12
i havent laughed this hard in a while

Answer posted by jack was nimble on 2002-05-18
you people have stupid answers to questions

Answer posted by the wise 1 on 2002-10-21
stupid questions- stupid answers so heres the the answer. drill a 1/2 hole in pick tie a rope around your neck put rope through hole in pick and tie a knot in it to hold it if pick fall in guitar u will go with it and will be easy to get it back out ? good luck

Answer posted by smartass on 2002-12-27
leave the tossing thing in there, and buy another. You tight fisted dick

Answer posted by curtis on 2003-06-13
1st i suggest you get an electric guitar if you dont want it to fall in the hole 2nd hold the god damn pick right

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