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Asked by adam on 2001-03-12
I am a very good guitarist, but I can not sing at all when I play guitar. DOES ANY ONE HAVE ANY TIPS THEY COULD TELL ME THANKS
Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-04-13
Instead of actually singing the words to the song, just sing "la" on each word. This lets you concentrate more on the notes you sing and not on forming the actual words in the right rythm with the guitar. After a while try singing the words

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-08-05
i can also play well but am embarrased to sing with ppl. my friends sing 4 me

Answer posted by someone on 2001-08-07
dont sing

Answer posted by ripper2 on 2001-12-24
just let it loose man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer posted by Unknown on 2004-01-02
My friends sing for me too!

Answer posted by Dan on 2004-01-31
Look here is the answer,It doesnt matter what you sound like.as long as you are doing what u like..I have a bad left hand and always wanted to play guitar..I try and I love it..So take your talent to the edge and have fun doing it..LET IT OUT!!! Play hard have fun...good luck.:)

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