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Asked by Eric on 2001-04-01
What causes a harmonic, and why can they only be played over certain frets?
Answer posted by butfukka on 2001-05-24
They are caused by the radiation from the sun. They can only be played on certain frets because that is the way it is, so until you get that through your thick skull you will suck at the geeeeetar.

Answer posted by dd on 2002-04-07
first of all, the note that you are playing is the fundamental frequency. but there are other frequencies as well. these other frequencies and their relative amplitudes cause the instrument to sound the way it does. so, each harmonic is an integer multiple of the fundamental... for example if your fundamental is 440Hz, you have harmonics at 880Hz, 1320Hz, 1760, ... but their amplitude is small compared to the fundamental. so when you play a harmonic, you are basically removing the fundamental frequency and letting the harmonic(s) be heard. they only occur on certain frets because harmonic only occur at integer multiples of the fundamental... hope this helps more than the above answer.... there should be someone on this site removing such comments....

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