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Asked by Van on 2001-04-11
How do I play tab? Do I just strum the fingered string or the strings with numbers and ignore the rest? If I strum, how do I avoid the non-numbered string? Or am I supposed to pick them? HELP! I am Confused on tab!
Answer posted by Michael on 2001-04-25
Tab is read like so:If a number is shown on a line then you put your finger on the fret number shown and you play only the strings with numbers on them.If there is a number on the top line like say a 7 then you play the 7th fret on the thinest string.the only time you strum is when there is more then one number and one is directly on top of the other and you play the numbers indicated.I hope I help for more information please e-mail me at god_smack_rocks@hotmail.com

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-06-04
Pick them all. Just like you do your nose.

Answer posted by Ms. ZIT face on 2001-07-15
OK heres how to do it and do it right ! Are you ready ? Alright lets get to work. First pick the numbered strings and strum the not numbered strings OK ? Yes I know, this poses a problem, your asking yourself how can I do both of these things at once right ? Dont fret haha - The trick is to use both hands, one for picking and one for strumming. Now I bet your asking yourself "yes but if I do it with both hands how do I hold the guitar" right ? Again dont fret haha, the trick here is to firmly attach the guitar to a solid surface such as your kitchen table. Now there are several ways to do this. I will give you 2 and then you are on your own. The first way it to anchor your guitar to the kitchen table with large nails, just pound them through the body until the head is tight to the top of the guitar. I use at least six eight inch ribbed pole barn spikes. This holds it firm. Also keeps it in place in case of a tornado. The second way is to fill the body of the guitar with concrete. This adds enough weight to keep her in place. This is where the beginnings of a solid body guitar comes from. This works swell and when not playing the guitar you can use it for a boat anchor. Well there you have it in a nut shell Van. Which ever method you decide to use Im sure you will have alot of success. So keep a strumming and keep them questions comming. :}

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