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Asked by Unknown on 2000-04-10
i don't get it
Answer posted by unknown on 2001-06-20
its ok you will get the hang of it later :) just keep on trying dont give up!

Answer posted by Geezer on 2001-12-17
You do not get it because you are to thick in the top side. You are stupit stupit stupit

Answer posted by sneezer on 2002-01-06
rocket scientist geezer, talking about retarded people. Best way to do that is to call em stupit. stupid butmunch

Answer posted by O.S.B. on 2002-03-24

Answer posted by Simon on 2002-08-06
this person came here to learn the guitar, you should have to, lets just shut up and learn and not take the piss out of someone just cos he doesnt understand. im sure the person who made this website doesnt appreciate u filling the message baord with junk, plus there are kids here, they dont appreciate poor use of language.

Answer posted by the wise 1 on 2002-11-06
Simon, what is it he doesn"t get. would you like to explain to us?

Answer posted by Simon on 2003-10-11
Well wise 1 I really dont know what he does not get because I am too STUPIT to understand the question.

Answer posted by Simon on 2003-11-13
I have a pimple on the end of my dick

Answer posted by ChoLL on 2003-12-25
What are the white dots on the neck all about?

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