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Asked by tom on 2000-04-14
i noticed there was an A minor note in one of the songs. whats the difference between a major and the minor one?? i don't quite understand all this major and minor stuff and how you tell them apart yet.
Answer posted by Mark on 2000-06-23
a major chord consists of the first, third and fifth notes in the scale. A minor chord has the first, a lowered third (semitone or 1 fret on your guitar)and the fifth. eg. c major has c,e and g (1,3 and 5) c minor has c,e flat and g(1,lowered 3 and 5)

Answer posted by Tonya on 2000-08-15
The way that I remember the difference between major, and minor chords is major chords sound happy, and minor chords sound glummy. Always remember that a minor chord is the same as a major, you just lower the third note a half. So if E major is E, G# (sharp), and B. Then E minor would be E, G, and B.

Answer posted by Col. Sanders on 2000-12-09
A Major is a officer in the Army, a Minor is someone who digs holes in the ground, who wants to be a Major.

Answer posted by Bob on 2001-06-19
I hope you die in a brushfire

Answer posted by Col. Mustard on 2002-02-10
im the only COL.... around here

Answer posted by Col. Kyle on 2002-03-13
Nah...Im a Col. in the Us Marines...SO SUCK THAT!!!

Answer posted by hey cols on 2002-08-30
you guys are a bunch of idiots, all of you!!

Answer posted by Al on 2002-11-25
go look up the chords and just use that b/c explaining it will just confuse you more, ok? they are 2 dif. chords just stick w/ that 4 now

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