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Asked by Brad Reynolds on 2000-04-21
Is there a way I can learn how to tune my guitar by ear/ how do I learn the tune in my head
Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
place ear on tuning knob and twist body till in tune

Answer posted by zap zacarias on 2000-07-22
with a hammer

Answer posted by Ricky on 2000-10-19
If there's no keyboard around (or other resources for a perfect E tunning) use the phone's dial tone, it's an A( 2nd string from the top.

Answer posted by Ashley on 2001-01-23
If your a fan of Metallica (the old stuff, of course), you can tune the low E to the first note in Sanitarium.

Answer posted by blot on 2001-04-09
tape a plectrum on your lobe then nip yourself this should produce an eeeeeeee sound ...good luck

Answer posted by sQuIRReL on 2001-04-25
Take your guitar and smash it on top of your head as hard as you can, you know like KA BONG, the resulting sounds you hear will be all the different notes at once except they will be enhanced. After this you probably will not care to nor want to play guitar again so dont worry about how to tune it. Good luck.

Answer posted by Manolo on 2001-05-05
Si aún te inicias en la guitarra, te recomiendo el Diapasón. Es un aparato que nos da la nota La(A) (5º cuerda al aire).Una vez afinada la 5º cuerda, afina las cuerdas de forma consecutiva siguiendo este orden: 6ª cuerda: con el 5º traste debe sonar igual que la 5ª cuerda al aire. 4ª cuerda: igual que 5ª en el 5º traste. 3ª cuerda: igual que 4ª en el 5º traste. 2ª cuerda: igual que 3ª en el 4º traste. 1ª cuerda: igual que 2ª en el 5º traste. Si aún tienes problemas, el afinador eléctrico (puedes encontrar por 10-20$) es un aparato que te permite de forma muy sencilla, afinar las 6 cuerdas por separado. Pero considero que el sistema ideal para afinarlas con el oído (by hear) es la práctica. Es decir, que una vez te hayas familiarizado con las notas y sonidos, tu oído se habrá acostumbrado a diferenciar si una cuerda vibra con el tono correcto: 1º cuerda al aire Mi, 2º Si, 3º Sol, 4º Re, 5º La y 6º Mi. Yo considero que primero eduques al oído mediante uno de los dos primeros métodos porque para afinar con el oído se requiere, como todas las cosas, un apredizaje previo.

Answer posted by mark on 2002-01-13
have a wank in 60 seconds shot fat then try to tune you guitar it works good luck

Answer posted by kevin on 2002-01-13
go to your wife or girlfriends underwear drawer put on her pants pull them up tight if you squeal that should make the same noise as the g-string you are wearing you pervert.

Answer posted by yui on 2004-12-26
i want to know how to tune my guitar.i do not know how is the same sound which each string when tuning.please tell me the easy step to tune my guitar.

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