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Asked by florence on 2001-06-30
may i know how long does it takes to learn playing guitar?? I wana learn how to play songs...
Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-08-07
we are in the same boat. " The new Beethoven"

Answer posted by Chirpy on 2001-09-20
It takes a long time flo, at last count it was somewheres around 67 years. You got that much time left in that ol bod ?

Answer posted by Snow on 2001-10-29
try playing "come as you are" by nirvana I just learned it...It was my first song...soooo easy, then go to a little harder things

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-01-30
with a name like that dont get famous! try playing enter sand man, by metallica( very easy)

Answer posted by some dude on 2002-03-26
start with playing simple songs and then move on to more difficult ones. and for the record, enter sandman is not "very easy" if you play it right!

Answer posted by daddygit on 2002-04-19
Learn the basics of chord structure and scales. when you know the basic major chords and major bar chords by heart then you will beable to play most rock songs.

Answer posted by the wise 1 on 2002-10-21
2 hours is a long time 45 minutes no problem

Answer posted by LCPL Smith USMC on 2003-01-28
The best way to learn songs, is to learn to play it acuratly BAR BY BAR, MEASURE BY MEASURE. Keep practicing a measure over and over again, until you can play it 100% accuratly and without error, then move to the next measure or bar...And when both are mastered, link them together, until you can play both measures together straight through without error...THen go to the next bar or measure. It works very well...Works very well, with extremely fast, complicated parts, such as solos and such.

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