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Asked by Luis on 2001-07-06
Hi, is me again. I wanted to ask about certain notes i found on a gene song, it goes (F#min - G#min - AMaj - BMaj), i completed a Tria Maj scale, starting with A - C# - E, one of the examples. And working my way down, i saw this notes (the ones in the phrases), but i want to know how u combine minors and majors to make them to scales.? thnx
Answer posted by Billy on 2001-11-06
Luis yu need stick head in mamas bush.

Answer posted by dilrober on 2001-12-11
here is 1 way to look at this progression take the chords and strum them. the chords all want to go back to the f#. so if we take the f# and make it the root or tonic we get these intervals f#m g#min a b root natural 2nd b3rd natural 4th this is the same as u would have in a f# min scale,now to make this a major scale all we do is find its relative major key which is A the formula to go from the major to the minor key is this; going from a min to a major, build on the 3rd of the minor scale,going from a major to a minor build on the 6th note of the mag scale. notice that all the notes fore these 2 scales are identical, the difference is the root note and how u look at the scale. this is a confusing area for a lot of musisions with no therory background. hope this is helpfull to some 1,for practice and a visualization take a min to write these scales out for your self

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