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Asked by Freddy J. Holste on 2001-07-15
This is great! Iam a 50 year old, that has just gotten back into my music,[THE BLUES}. What I,very much like to know is if you,ve ever come across teaching anyone with ADD,and what methods seem to ,GET THROUGH,Ive got a very difficult time with staying focused,and Ive done OK, with repetative playing to retain songs , but I realize now Ive got to understand so theory, to make any real progress. I beleive if I could find a way to have this stuff click,it sure would make playing more of a pleasure. I just found out about my ADD, about 3 months ago,and it put every little thing Ive ever done into prospective.Can you shead some light on this? Ive got a really understanding teacher,but the problem is getting through to me and he get frustrated, and thus so do I.More then anything, I want to do something with my songs I have had in my mind for years. And with a little help from my freinds, I just know I could make something of myself. THAMKS LOTS!!
Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-02-18
I agree!

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-05-04
What is this guy talking about??????

Answer posted by alf rios on 2002-12-14
No problem, man. iŽll e-mail to you some really good music theory articles soon... ignore all the buttheads who wrote the stupid answers above, donŽt blame the webmaster -he abandoned this site long ago or probably died of guitarsick disease...

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