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Asked by CEM AYCAN on 2000-04-26
how do I increase my speed.I think that I am slow now.I want to play fast and good solos.Would you explain me how I play still got the blues solo's,when I start fast solos.and the last one.Are gam's inportant?thank you wll wait you?
Answer posted by bob on 2000-08-08
i was in the same position your in right now and I think I still am but all you have to do, all you can do, is work at it, practice. Start to learn slower solos and build your way up, little bit by little bit. This is working out for me so mabey it will work for you? Hell, I'm trying to work my way up to Kirk Hammett's ability. The most helpful thing to do before taking on any kind of riff or solo is to not convince your self that it is easy and that you will not have a hard time with it, cause naturally you will and you will make yourself think that you suck or somthing and it will destroy your confidence even more. well I hope that helps ???

Answer posted by Aaron on 2001-06-24
You can do it!!! Practice makes pefect!

Answer posted by Ferdinando on 2001-09-06
Hello Clem, gams are really not important but they sure taste good. Put some syrup on them and you will experience a new sensation.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2004-06-18
speed is the byproduct of accuracy

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