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Asked by CHRIS on 2000-04-27
When creating a lead to a song do you only use the first scale that the rythem is in? (ex.rythem plays C,G,A Do I just play the solo in the C scale?)
Answer posted by kingfish on 2000-09-10
you have alot of choices. you can play the solo in the key of C or Am if it's a short one. depending on the tempo of the song and how many measures are held in each chord change, you can play the whole solo in C or Am or play in the key of each chord change. your ear or maybe the ear of friend will tell you what's the best. How did i get from C to Am?? whatever the key signature is (in this case C) move down four frets and your in the minor position. good luck & practice practice practice..

Answer posted by ktulu on 2001-06-13
well you can play the pentatonci major in C or the pentatonic minor in A you could also use the phrygian mode of the major scale or themixolidyan un C or in G there are a lot of choices

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