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Asked by kekie on 2000-04-30
why does it hurt when im doing chords such as b and bminor am i doing them wrong or are my hands too small??
Answer posted by Mike on 2000-05-29
if you are a beginner your fingers will hurt especially on chords where your fingers are far apart. Keep your fingernails short and keep working and when caluses develop it will be a piece of cake.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
it will always hurt in F B Bb they are the worst but if you have heard mike play then you've heard the worst...he's thinks a guitar is a yuk that eats too much

Answer posted by St. Stephen on 2000-09-29
You don't indicate the nature of the pain you experience. Is it your fingertips from pressing the strings? Or is it muscle pain from trying to barre those chords? Either way, just keep doing it and doing it and doing it and your hand will get stronger and stronger and your pain will be gone. It takes a year or two. Stick with it.

Answer posted by unknown on 2001-02-27
A simple answer might be to get lighter strings.

Answer posted by Foolforyou on 2001-11-01
Try wearing gloves, this helped my alot. I like to wear choppers.

Answer posted by wezly on 2002-03-29
you are a pussy and you should just stop complaining.

Answer posted by little on 2002-05-18
wezly is a stupid person, and needs to help not hurt. wezly should shut their trap.

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