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Asked by rob mcconville on 2000-05-03
how do you know what key a song is in
Answer posted by coult on 2000-08-21
at the beginning of the song you'll find the treble cleff with (ex:4/4) next to it, then just to the right of that will be either #'s- sharp notes or b's- flat notes. the number of sharp or flat notes will determine what key a song is in

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-08-30
Just bang your head Rob with an iron skillet when the song is playing if it resonates nicley then your noggin is in tune with what is being played

Answer posted by james cassidy on 2002-11-25
as a quite general guide if a song is in (say) thekey of c maj then it will have these chords used in the song: C Dm Em F G Am Bm7b5 (that last 1 is a bit weird so most people use a normal Bm-or even a Bb) this can be transposed to work in ALL keys-including minor ones. Use the same chords but start from the 6th of the major (eg 6th of key of Cmaj = Am......get it?) JC

Answer posted by Graybeal on 2005-06-07
Memorize the notes on the dots of the fret board for the strings and root notes the key of a song is the note name of the root note it starts on

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