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Asked by Randy on 1999-11-09
how many times... A D A A D E 4|d d d d |d d d d |d d d d |d d d d |4| | | | | how many times... A D A A D E 4|d d d d |d d d d |d d d d |d d d d |4| | | | | the answer my friend... D E A D E A 4|d d d d |d d d d |d d d d |d d d d |4| | | | | Can you explain this to me I dont seem to understand it.
Answer posted by Chris on 2000-01-05
The lower case d's are your count. 4 beats in each measure. Upper case letters are your chords and when you should play them. Remember to always keep the strumming going, just dont hit the strings on the beats that dont show a chord.

Answer posted by mokee on 2000-09-08
its seems that you're still a beginner and yet should be explain this thing more simple. like for say... d's are the strokes you have to strum your guitar, one d is one stroke so in this case u saw 4 d's in a chord so its should be strum four times, and its gonna be like this, when you play the first chord A major strum it four times then D major four times and so on... got the idea? u'll notice the sound of the song you're playin if you're doin it right, keep playin, its cool you know :)

Answer posted by hum on 2000-11-23
actually, i really cant be arsed explainin

Answer posted by BOOZER on 2000-12-09
This is what the alphabet looks like when you are extremely liquored up...hic !

Answer posted by Lester on 2001-03-24
What? You asking me? Answer it yourself!

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-03-24
now now kids...

Answer posted by bitch slap on 2002-04-19
bend over you pussies and sing me a tune

Answer posted by me on 2004-03-15
lol woooow.....haha you guys are pretty funnny...what is this?

Answer posted by Presto on 2004-05-25
Peter Green wears womens clothing, the guitarman sucks neoprene.

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