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Asked by Marie Love on 2000-05-08
No questions, I enjoy the lessons. Mind if I give a suggestion? How 'bout (not Canadian)if after each lesson there were an oppportunity at the end of the screen to "move on to the next lesson" Thanks.
Answer posted by Dave Grohl on 2001-03-23
I Agree

Answer posted by Skyler Mikhail on 2001-04-11
Yeah. That would really be helpful. I highly recommend it.

Answer posted by Marie Love on 2001-05-03
On second thought this site sucks a big one.

Answer posted by Pikay on 2001-09-25
Yeah, I agree with Marie. Maybe we should contact the webmaster..

Answer posted by Chi Garcia on 2001-10-18
I say we dont contact him because he might be sleeping.

Answer posted by Upchuck Yo Diner on 2001-10-23
I hear Marie can suck the chrome off of a bumper hitch.

Answer posted by you on 2002-04-08
I agree with upchuck yo diner

Answer posted by fucknppl on 2003-09-21
What are you people to damn lazy, to go to the lessons page!? I AM CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer posted by spozz on 2004-03-07
Yeah i would be a lot easier!!!!! U rock by the way!!!!

Answer posted by lizzy on 2005-06-14
Piss pot Pete ? Interesting name? You come up with it yourself?

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